#140 Ladies’ Princess Line Tea Gown with Watteau Back 1876-1880’s

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Views A & D are rated as Advanced Sewing Skill – Views B & C are Intermediate Sewing Skill.

This pattern was copied from an extant garment and is not meant to be worn over a bustle.  A Victorian corset is optional.   All Views have the same back. The back has a Watteau pleat hanging from the neck that flows into the skirt and has pleats where the bodice meets the skirt. This Watteau pleat is not attached to the bodice until it meets the skirt.  The back of the bodice is divided into 6 pieces; back, middle back, and side back. The middle back also has pleats where it meets the skirt. The side back has no pleats in the skirt. The back is trained though there are markings where you can cut off the train. The entire back is flat lined with muslin (optional).

This pattern is printed on white bond paper with colored cutting lines.  These patterns are well researched and offer suggestions for modern & historical details.  Sizes 8-32 all included in the pattern.



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