#136 Late Georgian & Regency Greatcoat and Garrick 1750-1825

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This pattern works for both men and women!
The pattern contains a Greatcoat which can be cut either single or double breasted and has the choice of a standing or a stand-and-fall collar. Any view, men’s or ladies, can have capes and the capes can be removable. When paired with either the 3 layer cape or 4 layer cape option it is called a Garrick coat. The instructions include modern (theatrical) collar construction and period pad stitching.
This overcoat is drafted to fit over the men’s garments of the period; shirt, vest, and tailcoat, so there is considerable ease drafted into the overcoat.  There can be up to 10 inches of ease, depending on where you measure the body and the breadth of the coat. It is therefore recommended that a muslin be cut of the body of the coat and tried on over the garments intended to be worn under it before choosing a size and cutting your fashion cloth.

These patterns are well researched and offer suggestions for modern & historical details.  Sizes 4-34 all included in the pattern.



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