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Men’s Tudor Doublet, Jerkin and Venetian Hose Pattern (smaller sizes)

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  • Brand: Tudor Tailor
  • Sizes: Smaller Sizes

Our Thoughts

From the Tudor Tailor Pattern Series!

Includes patterns for several Tudor-era garments: doublet, jerkin and Venetian hose. Appropriate for ordinary, middle-class and working-class men in the second half of the 16th century. With full instructions for choosing materials, sizing and constructing garments – perfect for reenactors.

Based on documentary descriptions, extant examples and paintings.

Please note the pattern size (in the title) and see the sizing information below to ensure you’re selecting the correct pattern for you. See our other listings for different sizes.

Smaller Sizes
Waist 32-40 inches / 81-102cm
Chest 38-46 inches / 96½-117cm